TonightMorgana - Do u Know DubStep???

questa sera al Morgana

Dual Ka:lu(SubcultureMusic) presenta una serata all'insegna dell'urbanBeat [DubStep - Breaks]
con gustosi VizualS

Djing and Vjing at same time

na miss it

see you in BassLand!!! ;)

from wikipedia

Dubstep is a genre of electronic music that has its roots in London's early 2000s UK garage scene. The name of the genre was coined by Ammunition Promotions. Musically, dubstep is distinguished by its dark mood, sparse rhythms, and emphasis on bass. Dubstep started to spread beyond small local scenes in late 2005 and early 2006, with many websites devoted to the genre appearing on the Internet and thus aiding the growth of the scene, such as dubstepforum, the download site Barefiles and blogs such as gutterbreakz.[1] Simultaneously, the genre was receiving extensive coverage in music magazines such as The Wire and online publications such as Pitchfork Media, with a regular feature entitled The Month In: Grime/Dubstep. Interest in dubstep grew significantly after BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs started championing the genre, beginning with a show devoted to it (entitled "Dubstep Warz") in January 2006.

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