An Ending

Recorded in 1983 for a documentary called For All Mankind, directed by Al Reinert. This film’s release was delayed until 1989. By that time several tracks on the album were omitted from the soundtrack and replaced by other pieces by Eno and other artists.


Always Returning


Silver Morning


Under Stars

The Secret Place

An Ending (Ascent)



Theme for "Opera"

Fleeting Smile

Tension Block

Asian River


4-Minute Warning

For Her Atoms

Eno relates that when he watched the Apollo 11 landing in 1969 he felt that the strangeness of that event was compromised by the low quality of the television transmission and an excess of journalistic discussion, and that he wished to avoid the melodramatic and uptempo way it was presented. For All Mankind was originally intended as a non-narrative collection of NASA stock footage from the Apollo program. The non-narrative version with the Eno soundtrack was released on video in 1990 by the National Geographic Society. An alternate version was also released by NASA featuring audio interviews but omitting the Brian Eno soundtrack

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